“Allow yourself to take a risk. Allow yourself to be more open. Allow yourself to fail. One of the things that we show as an industry being successful is that we have failures here, but we share, we talk about it, it is not something we’re ashamed of – we see it as part of success, that we’re also failing, but we’re sharing the reasons for the failure, we’re trying to understand why, and do better next time. Every investor in Israel would ask you: ‘Tell me about a success story and also about failure’. If you failed with your first, with your second and even in your third startup, you fall on the floor, everything was broken to pieces, but you stood up back again and you started something new then you are a different person, you have learned, it says something about your stamina, about your way of thinking and even about your inner power… it says something about you – you are different than other people. So do fail, fail and talk about it. Share, open, take the risk…”

(Tal Catran about the rules of engagement to a successful startup)

Tal Catran is a true Accelerator Guru & Start-Up Hub Builder. He built 7 different accelerators and continues to mentor and consult more than 10 others. These include well-known firms Nielsen innovate and MassChallenge among others.

In 2012 he founded TC Holdings as a holding platform through which he holds shares and an active management position in several startups and companies that vary from software and application to hardware and advanced technologies.

His intensive involvement in the Startups scene, enables him to share hands on experience globally. Molded by the era of accelerators, incubators, startups, founders, angel investors, VC and everything in between he lays out the groundwork in paving the money brick road to success.

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