“We do realize that the traditional fields of industries where we were the last decades are not our future. Also it’s the will and the desire of young people in France to go for these new industries, the new way of producing things, and it’s a trend that has to be supported and we see that it’s building fruits in terms of economy and that’s why the French government is focusing a lot on that.”

(Fancois Matraire about what motivates the French government to establish Business France)

“I would say there are 3 levels. The first level is coming to Europe. By being accepted to the French Tech Ticket you have a French working visa which allows you to do business only in France but the European borders are quite relaxed so for us it meant that we can travel in between France, Germany, UK which where we met a lot of construction related companies. So the first level is access to Europe. And even more than that, in Europe there is a movement called The Visa Alliance and they are working to make entrepreneurs that arrive to Europe with a startup visa to have an open access to the whole of the continent. So they will be able to do business everywhere in Europe which I think is very blessed move. Actually, on behalf of the French Tech Ticket I spoke at an event in Poland parliament over there exactly about this and I got a filling that it will move towards multi-European startup visa.”

(Yaron about how Business France Program helped him grow his startup)

In this episode we are talking with Francois Matraire, Commercial Counsellor for the Embassy of France Israel & Director at Business France Israel. Also will be joining us Yaron Schwarcz, the founder & CEO of Tridom, a startup in the area of 3D construction.

Join us to hear from Francois about the France Tech Ticket Program and how Israeli startups can benefit from it. You can also hear from Yaron about his experience participating in this program and winning the annual competition in 2015.

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